Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sometimes life just sucks, then other times, not so much. I am not sure what phase I'm in at the moment. I have been following "all the diabetic rules"..eating healthy, staying away from carbs and even losing weight. My numbers STILL suck. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and he'll probably put me on medication, which would make me feel alot better because I am sitting here visualizing my organs falling apart as I type this. I know, a little optimism could probably go a long way... but hey, I'm entitled to feel this way. I mean, for real, if all this watching what I eat crap isn't going to help, then give me a damn cookie and shut the hell up. I'm impatient, I accept that. Whenever I would get depressed, I , like so many of my women friends would reach for chocolate. I WANT CHOCOLATE DAMNIT. Oh well, this is my life...I will learn to deal with it.


  1. Don't let your numbers get you down. Just means your going to need some sort of medication, not that you are a failure. After all, eating good is a good thing no matter what your numbers are right?

    Oh and if your going to have chocolate, have dark chocolate. It affects your blood sugar less than the others! And it IS ok to have a treat now and then. :)

  2. Somehow I stumbled on your blog - I heard about the GOOD chocolate (can't remember the company), but it's expensive, and someone I know who has diabetes takes it.